Book Review: Producenci Nadwozi Samochodowych

Great news for those who like the history of coachbuilding: Romuald Cieślak put together a great book on Polish coachbuilders!

Romuald Cieślak, a Polish historian who previously wrote a book on the story of Polish automobile assemblers between the two world wars now compiled another volume on coachbuilders in the same period!

The book is soft-cover, 238 pages and it is only in Polish, though there is a one page English-language summary at the end. You can look at this book in many ways, but the most important thing is that finally somebody took the time and effort to put together a book on such a subject.

The book is not without faults. It may have been possible to insert a section with colour photos on surviving vehicles, some of the pictures should have been bigger – but this does not mean that the book is less enjoyable.

The focus is on cars, trucks and buses – which means a wider coverage. In addition to Poland the Free City of Danzig is included. Companies, which we dealt with previously, Danziger Karosserifabrik and Jan Molin also appear.

Disclaimer: we submitted a few pictures to the book, but this does not mean that we are biased in any way 🙂

Romuald Cieślak: Producenci nadwozi samochodowych w II Rzeczypospolitej
Wydawnictwa Komunikacji i Łączności, 2021
ISBN: 978-83-206-2031-3,1,1,1516?

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