Book Review: Zámek s vůní benzínu

The Christmas break enabled me to go back to my bookshelf and look at some of my favourite books. Castles with a Scent of Petrol is one them.

PhDr. Miloš Hořejš from the NAtional Technical Museum and Jiří Křížek, a cultural historian spent many years researching this book. Zámek s vůní benzínu (Castles with a Scent of Petrol) deals with “cars of aristocrats in the Czech Lands up to 1945”. This is a rather broad subject as it includes Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian and Austrian nobilities as well.

This is a 280-pages hard-cover book in Czech language with summaries in English and German. There are over 20 chapters with subjects such as story of drivers, ladies and cars, historical automobile maps, the automobile-related architecture (garages etc.), racing, motoring literature and more.

As this is a very high-quality book, the illustration are in most cases superb, sharp. The best images are presented on standalone pages.

As the photo sources are clearly marked, it is possible to use this book as a basis for further research.

Book info:
Miloš Hořejš – Jiří Křížek: Zámek s vůní benzínu: Automobily a šlechta v českých zemích do roku 1945
280 pages
Mlada Fronta, 2015
ISBN: 978-80-204-3930-7

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