Book Review

Recently we have received some interesting books.

Vlad Capotescu: Automobilele in Timisoara interbelica
Timişoara : Waldpress, 2017
ISBN 978-606-614-170-3
261 pages, hard-cover

I just found this book by accident and the author was kind enough to sign it. The idea is simple, but requires a lot of research: take a country or a region and look at the car brands which was available there before WW2. I first saw this in connection with Estonia and then I did it myself with a 50-part series of articles on the Hungarian market

Vlad did a splendid job in regards to the Romanian city of Timisoara and the period, 1919-1939. There are plenty of original archive photos, letterheads, magazine articles, contemporary ads and more. Though Timisiora was no longer part of Hungary after WW1 still there were lots of Hungarian speaking dealers. The majority of brands are either American (Buick, Esse, Studebaker, Hudson, Nash etc.) or German (Adler, Audi, DKW, Stoewer) but you can find the Hungarian MÁG, the French Hispano-Suiza and the Czech Laurin&Klement as well.
This is a very welcome addition to my library next to a similar book on the pre-war motoring scene in Bulgaria :)!

Marian Suman-Hreblay: Dictionary of World Coachbuilders and Car Stylists
Liptovsky Mikulas, 2020
ISBN 80-968974-0-3
388 pages, soft-cover

This is the second edition of a mammoth work – a fairly comprehensive listing of coachbuilders from all over the world. Marian has been doing his research for over 30 years so you can expect the end result to be great. I would say it is like the Encyclopedia on on steroids. From Australia to Poland, from Greece to Uruguay you can find companies from more than 30 countries. As the book is in ABC order you really need the accompanying USB stick, which has thousands of images to see the list of countries.
A commandable effort.

Piotr Pluskowski (editor) Techniczne Muzelnictwo Motoryzacyjne w Polsce
Cieszyin, 2016
ISBN 978-83-933766-8-1
186 pages, soft-cover

Piotr Pluskowski, a Polish motoring historian was really helpful on updating the Polish list of motoring museums at our sister site,
And he was kind enough to send me a copy of this book of which only 150 units were printed.

In 2015 there was a conference celebrating 200 years of motoring in Poland. In 1815 Josef Božek, a Poland-born engineer, who worked in Czech built a steam car. He is considered both Polish and Czech. His work was celebrated during the conference, but there were plenty of other interesting presentations, which are all collected in this book.

dr Pál Négyesi

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