Czech Microcar Competition, 1948

In 1948 the Czechoslovakian Automobile Club held an exhibition of small cars. Over 20 prototypes were presented. A small booklet was published with details on each cars. Unfortunately the project was not continued and the cars were dispersed.

Builder: Rudfolf Vykoukal. Powered by a 1-cylinder 308 cc engine. Main dimensions: 3000 x 1275 x 1250 mm.



V.K. 48
Václav Krejbich built a few small cars in the 1920s. Then in 1948 he completed this prototype for the exhibtition. It was powered by a Ogar 350 cc motorcycle engine. Interestingly Krejbich managed to build a few more examples of this 3.1-metres long small car in the early 1950s.

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And a bonus: The Lidovka which was built in Zdeněk Pilát utilizing a DKW 500 cc engine. It was completed by 1949-1950 with a body built in Tatra works in Kopřivnice. Weight 475 kg, main dimensions: 2980x1320x1250 mm, a maximum speed of 90 km / h. This car was restored to its former glory a few years ago.


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