Directory, the one-stop guide to the Central and East European classic car and motorcycle world would like to invite regional companies to join our directory.

We would like to introduce restoration workshops, book sellers, highlight events and more. Please contact us to discuss the options.

One Reply to “Directory”

  1. Dear Mrs / Mr.

    My name is Grazyna. I live in Krakow and I’m twenty four years old.
    I’m a collector and I collect things like stickers,
    pendants,patches,folders and other items from companies across the world.
    My collection is quite big already.Could you please send me
    some souvenires from your company? I would be very
    grateful.Best regards.

    My Address;
    Grazyna Godek.
    os.Centrum C 1/24.
    31-929 Krakow.

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