“Eigenbau” Cars From Romania

Over the weekend Retromobil Club Romania held the “Fabricat în Romania” show in Bucharest, where a lot of interesting locally made cars, trucks, buses and tractors were shown. And also a one-off, made by Constantin Radulescu in 1960.

Eigenbau is the German word for one-off. It depicts unique, modified cars – there were plenty of those in Germany, Austria etc. Now let’s see a few from Romania, starting with Radulescu’s homage to Caddy.

Constantin Radulescu saw a Cadillac Sedan DeVille in a movie in 1959 and this prompted him to build a replica, based on a pre-war BMW 327. Its 2-litre 45 hp engine was kept, but a new body was built to resemble the great American classic.

Thanks for the excellent Volganeagra blog, we can show you other interesting Romanian one-off and ‘bitsa’ cars.

A rebodied 1930s BMW with Fiat 1300 headlights and windscreen in the 1960s
Once this was probably a Tatra T87, but it was heavily modified in Timisoara. Photo was for sale on Ebay
Fiat chassis, Mercedes 170V body
Once this was a cca 1927 Citroën, but in the 1960s it had a Wanderer front end and an Erskine engine.

Cover photo: Alin-Alexandru Ionescu

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