Introduction to a monthly Slovakian magazine about Historic vehicles – Veteran SK

Veteran SK is a Slovakian monthly magazine that will take you on a trip of classic motorists and social history. It has been around since 2006 and is the only printed monthly publication in Slovakia in this field. It is also a partner of ceautoclassic and we are happy to introduce them to our readers!

On 64 full-colour pages, readers can find articles about technology, restoration, as well as real driving experiences with classic vehicles. Veteran SK also devotes time to fashion, recalls outstanding personalities from the world of motoring and follows club events in Slovakia and abroad as well. The Lost Brands section offers an insight into the interesting history of long-extinct car makers. The Design section describes unconventional cars, mostly prototypes, whose uniqueness is known at first sight. The Gallery of Fame is exceptional, especially thanks to the drawings of the Miroslav Vomáčka, a Czech artist.

One of the illustration in Gallery of Fame by Miroslav Vomáčka

The authors are professional journalists, photographers, but also collectors, restoration experts, organizers of historic vehicle events and exhibitions. Contributions are also provided by members of ZZHV SR (Association of Historic Vehicle Collectors in Slovakia), the local member of FIVA organisation.

Section of Lost Brands

The magazine’s publisher is Slovart rekord, l.t.d. and online projects are part of the publishing house. The main online medium is and its partner project website oriented towards modern retro life.

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