The predecessor of the Škoda SUV Models was launched 50 years ago

The predecessor of the Škoda SUV Models was launched 50 years ago

Before the Kodiaq, there was another Škoda off-roader, the Trekka. This is the story of Czech-New Zealand car. More »

Unique Ukrainian limousine is up for sale

Unique Ukrainian limousine is up for sale

One of the six BIL 2002 limousines, which were made by Ivan Bilitsky near the Ukrainian city of Rovne between 2002-2008 is now up for sale reports More »

Wikow – a Czechoslovak classic

Wikow – a Czechoslovak classic

Wikow was a relatively less-known Czechoslovakian automobile manufacturer, which produced just a few hundred cars between 1924-1936. We had the pleasure of seeing one recently and we received a copy of the More »


IV. Balatonfüred Concours d’Elegance

Between 5-7 May, 2017 the 4th Balatonfüred Concours d’Elegance will be held at Lake Balaton in Hungary. Co-organised by VGT Group, the Katti Zoob Fashion House and CEAutoclassic you can check out more than fifty great cars again in a very nice setting.

K&K Bugatti Register

Among a lot of registry books, published by national Bugatti Clubs a big white area has been closed: The K&K Bugatti Register covers all regions of the former K&K Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, that means a major part of what today is called Central Europe.

Obituary: Petr Prusov, designer of the Lada Niva

Petr Mikhailovich Prusov

Petr Mikhailovich Prusov, an engineer who was instrumental in the development of the Lada 2121 family, which became known as the Niva throughout the world passed away at the age of 75.

KD / Sport-900 (1963-1969): Sports coupe with fibreglass bodywork

“KD” – a Soviet self-built sports car conceived by a group of enthusiasts and artisans, which is sometimes labelled as the Soviet Porsche

Oldtimer Show to be held in Budapest between 7-9 April

The Oldtimer Show Company returns with a brand new exhibition material in 2017. Many, more than 100 years old of antique cars and motorcycles, never seen oldtimer cars, motorcycles and tractors, old and new collectors, restorers, freshly completed their latest works.

New books

We are now adding a few books to our online bookstore

Classic Show Brno 2017

Between 17-19 March 2017, the sixth annual exhibition of Classic Show Brno will be held. It will focus on exhibits, which are necessary for the operation, maintenance and renovation of historic vehicles.

Barkhan and Bulat, Off-road vehicles by Retro-Style

Retro-Style, a design studio in Kyrgyzstan built two interesting prototypes in the 2000s, the Hummer-like Barkhan and the unique Bulat – both based on the GAZ-66 military truck