Refurbished Veteran Arena Museum Opens To Public

Veteran Arena, a private car museum which is located in Olomouc, Czech Repubic has recently been extended.

Although the Veteran Arena museum was built relatively recently in 2010, but its owner felt there was a time for change. So it was renovated last year and significantly expanded. It reopened to the public at the very end of March 2019. Another 1200 square meters were added to the original exhibition area of 2,500 square meters.

At present, it is the largest private, publicly accessible museum of its kind in the Czech Republic, which commemorates the technical reception and reputation of the Czechoslovak automobile industry. There are 110 passenger cars, ninety motorcycles and, in addition to stand-alone chassis and engines, period accessories and a range of small exhibits such as stable engines. There are large-scale posters on the walls and also important paintings by Václav Zapadlík. Motorcycle objects are suitably complemented by historical phones.

Tatra is the most reputable brand of domestic automakers. There are two-cylinder, four-cylinder, six-cylinder and eight-cylinder types among them. The collection also includes a rare water-cooled six-cylinder Tatra 17 sport, which was originally sold to Hungary to Count Sándor Török.

A large number of coachbuilt cars are shown, bodied by Dostál, Sodomka, Plachý, Brožík, Bohemia, Česká Lípa and others. There are also other unique vehicles with an interesting background story, such as the eight-wheeled Jan Masaryk Praga Grand, which was first used by the First Republic’s ambassador in the UK.

Or a custom Zetka built for Nina Burianová, the wife of a famous comedian. This is part of a recent addition of thirteen Brno Zetka’s (Zbrojovka Brno) headed by a silver sports roadster Z4 by Vlasta Burian himself.

A mention of the fact that the heart of the collection is the cars of Czechoslovak production was already mentioned. However, Tatra Kopřivnice and Zbrojovka Brno are mainly automakers located in Moravia. The Wikov brand from Prostějov also belongs to this region. Wichterle & Kovářík, a.s., mainly produced agricultural equipment. In the mid-twenties, they also launched the production of Wikov’s automobiles, mainly focusing on wealthier clients.

Thus, this luxury and the reliable cars were sometimes called “Czechoslovak Rolls-Royce”. The largest collections of Wikov automobiles can be found here in Veteran Arena from the oldest prototype Wikov 4/16 made in 1925, the first one-litre models 7/28, or a fantastic replica of the Wikov 35 Kapka, the first Czechoslovak aerodynamic car to the latest Wikov 40 models from the late 1930s.

Visitors can also see other domestic brands such as Aero, Jawa, Skoda, Praga and Walter. Likewise, lovers of Czechoslovak historical motorcycles will also come to their place. Especially the brands Jawa, Praga, ČZ, Breitfeld & Daněk and also the less known Krásnolipská Čechie-Böhmerland are represented.

From foreign motorcycles, visitors will newly see the original collection of cult American motorcycles and four dozen English ones.

Thanks to the expanded exhibition area, there is now space for interesting pre-war and post-war British “cars for the Gentlemen”. These are very powerful sports and racing vehicles, with only a few pieces ever made with custom bodywork. Brands include Triumph, MG, Invicta, Jensen, Healey, Aston Martin, Alvis and others.

Veteran Arena Olomouc is a historical vehicle museum offering an unusual exhibition for the widest public of all lovers of vintage cars and motorcycles. For opening times and more info head to our sister site,

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