Škoda was “Simply clever” almost 100 years ago. Here are some revolutionary solutions

Simply Clever is not just an ordinary slogan. It is the phrase that Škoda Mladá Boleslav has earned for its many wholesome ideas.

LAURIN & KLEMENT 110 – 1925

The Laurin & Klement 110, which also was offered as the ŠKODA 110, bore various wooden or combined wood–metal superstructures. It reached speeds up to 80 km/h. In total, just under 3,000 were manufactured.

Adrian Padeanu from the US Motor 1 website has embarked on the research for the significance of the Czech car’s slogan. You can read his article on the following link: https://www.motor1.com/news/134175/skoda-simply-clever-slogan-explained/

One of Laurin & Klement ‘s latest outputs, before the company was bought by Škoda in 1925, was Model 110. It is contemplated by many to be the forerunner of the slogan “Simply Clever”. The car offered a fully folding middle row of seats so it could provide much more space for rear passengers. The car was also impressed by the folding windshield and smart reserve location. It was not necessary to remove the luggage while changing the wheel.

Škoda 256 was offered in a variety of alternatives.

Another car with a number of unique ideas was Škoda 256. It was offered in a number of alternatives, including buses, ambulances and trucks. In the otherwise unused space was a sliding box with gravel and paddle, which could help drivers with traction problems.

Sliding Box

A prime example of Škoda’s clever ideas was the 1930 Popular model. During its life cycle, the car received a number of useful accessories, including a set of metal skis. These were first tested in 1935 in the Špindlerův Mlýn Ski Area. The main reason for this news was the fact that during tough winters, drivers and their cars were hardly able to get into mountain huts. Subsequently, it became apparent that the security forces could also use the gadget to patrol the border in mountain ridges. Special Popular Cars had metal skis on the front axle and chains on the rear wheels.

Popular model from 1930

“Simply clever” ideas are applied even to today’s car from Mlada Boleslav. For example, an umbrella holder in the front door, removable LED lamp in the rear luggage compartment or scraper that hides in the tank lid.

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