‘Skútr Hausman’ – A 70-year-Old Scooter, Ahead Of Its Time

Engineer Jaroslav Hausman came up with a revolutionary small motorcycle in 1947 in Czechoslovakia. It was nominated at an engineering exhibition to be developed into a serial product, but due to political reasons this never happened.

Hausman scooter

Engineer Jaroslav Hausman worked on the design with renowned coachbuilder Josef Sodomka. They finished only a single complete prototype, and a few other frames. The prototype remained hidden for decades in the possession of the Hausman family, where it was kept in its original state.

Hausman scooter

The motorcycle has a tubular frame, and it was powered by a 170 cc air-cooled engine. Below the front cover is a large space for the spare wheel. The Hausman scooter weighs 120 kilograms and has a max speed of 100 kilometres per hour.

The 170 cc engine was more succesful: six units were built, one for this scooter prototype, the other for racing motorcycles.

skútr Hausman

This unique motorcycle is now shown at the Auto Moto Museum Oldtimer Kopřivnice together with another original frame and original blueprints of another version, which has never been realised.

Oldtimer Auto Moto Museum Kopřivnice

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