The Leningrad Returns

A one-off sporty roadster, built in 1956 in the Soviet Union has been restored to its former glory.

Back in 2014 we have briefly introduced the Leningrad roadster: “The Leningrad was built by Arkady Dimitrievich Babitsh in 1956. He was a Soviet automobile racer, who built his first car in 1952. He also assisted in the construction of racing cars, designed by others.

The first self-built car built by Arkady Dimitrievich Babitsh in 1952. It was powered by a V2 motorcycle engine (probably Harley-Davidson). Source:

The Leningrad was powered by a 3.5-litre 90-hp engine from a GAZ-12 ZIM saloon, which enabled the two-seater to have a max speed of 120 km/h. A contemporary report noted that Babich completed the Simferopol-Leningrad journey in 20 hours!”

An American tourist, John H. Schultz visited Europe back in 1958. He had a camera which used colour slides. On the streets of Leningrad he spotted the second version of the Leningrad
A contemporary shot of the Leningrad-2 (Source:
A rear view – but the car looks markedly different. Courtesy of Dmitry Dashko
Babish and his car. (Source:
As found a few years ago in a very derelict state. ZIM engine was replaced by a GAZ 51 truck engine (Source:
In 2018 restoration commenced (Source:
The car today with Latvian number plates (Source:

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