Unique Ukrainian limousine is up for sale

One of the six BIL 2002 limousines, which were made by Ivan Bilitsky near the Ukrainian city of Rovne between 2002-2008 is now up for sale reports autocentre.ua

The costs of putting a car together amounted to USD 40,000 and USD 100,000 was the retail price. Bilitsky had to get bank loans in order to build the cars, which featured a 280-hp Audi A8 engine, leather and wood upholstery. Equipment included mini-bar, TV and a hi-fi sound system.



Now one of the cars has turned up for sale. It is without feels and looks very sad and derelict. Asking price is UAH 35,000 which translates to around USD 1,400.

Source: autocentre.ua

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