Weekend Event Invitation for August 2-4th

Let’s enjoy this weekend again with great people, beautiful cars, history and nature. In addition, find some recommendations for the region!

Aug 2-4: 12th Meeting of Historic Vehicles in Szeged

Czech Republic: You can find many more events in our event calendar.
Aug 2-3: 10th Meeting of Historic Vehicles in Kroměříž

Kromeříž 2018

Aug 2-3: Nice event for American car lovers: Krkonoše Amerikou 2019

Poland: Even the finish is in Náchod, CZ – most of the route is in Poland.
Aug 2-4: 7th International Polish-Czech Rallye

Slovakia: Another show in another castle this weekend.
Aug 2-4: The Grand Retro Show Víglaš 2019

Castle Víglaš

Aug 3rd: 21st Dalmatian Session Oldtimer Motorcycle

Aug 3rd: International Retro Parade Vidin 2019

Short Video about Retro Parade Vidin in 2018

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