Weekend Event Invitation for July 19-21th

Even last weekend we had some rain while visiting Chateau Gbelany Elegance Tour 2019. We still had a nice weekend, unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere as there are so many nice events around that we want to visit. This week we also prepared some tips for most of the countries. Let’s enjoy the weekend again and relax.

July 19-21th: Meeting of Historic Vehicles near Velence lake including a meeting of Pannonia 2-valve motorcycles.

Moto Show in Bielsko-Biala

MotoShow Bielsko-Biala in 2018

Czech Republic:
July 19-21th – Ústecká Veteran Rallye 2019

July 20th – 4th Meeting of Historic Vehicles near Museum in Svratouch

July 20th: Meeting of Historic Vehicles, Zadar

July 20th Meeting of Historic Vehicles, Bolehnečici

13th Meeting of Historic Off-road vehicles in Câmpulung

If you can’t find your event in our calendar please let us know.

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