Władysław Okarmus’ self-built car to be shown at Auto Nostalgia

Auto Nostalgia, a classic car fair in Poland will be held between 16-17 May. On the stand of Moto Retro Białystok visitors will be able to check out a unique car. It was built by airplane engineer, Władysław Okarmus in the 1960s.

Władysław Okarmus built unpowered airplanes (gliders) and it was at the Glider Experimental Station in Bielsko-Biala that he and his friends created a body out of epoxy resin and bolted it onto a 1930s DKW F8 chassis. It took the group about 10 years to finish the car. In addition to the unique body parts were used from other cars, including Wartburg, Saab, Skoda Octavia, Fiat 125p and others. In a 1972 interview Okarmus said that the old two-stroke DKW engine was refurbished and had an output of 24 hp which enabled a max speed of 80 km/h. The engine was replaced with a Saab powerplant in the 1980s.

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