Auctionata presents a wide range of classic vehicles at Classic Cars auction

BERLIN, 15 April: Classic vehicles are entering the third round at the Berlin-based online auction house Auctionata. Lovers may look forward to rare cars, which will be presented in a live stream auction on May 4 2015.

Two vehicles in this auction will celebrate great anniversaries this year: A timeless classic, the Mercedes Benz 190 SL is turning 60 years. This sought-after sports car was first introduced as a prototype at the „International Motor Sports Show“ in New York on February 1954 and presented in its final form at 25. Salon International de l’Auto in Geneva in March 1955. The model, which will be auctioned at Auctionata is from 1958 and will be offered with a starting price of €60,000. The year 1955 also marks the ‘year of birth’ of the Citroën ID 19, which was presented at the “Paris Motor Show” for the first time. With its radical design, it broke with many optical and technical conventions at the time. Especially the central hydraulic system, which was set for suspension, circuit, steering assistance and brake support, was considered as technical innovation. The offered model dates from 1963 and comes with a starting price of €9,000.

Lovers of Italian vehicles can look forward to a Ferrari 308 GTB from 1977. This model established one of the most successful series of the company, from which a total 2857 pieces were produced until 1985. This model became popular through the TV series “Magnum”. The Ferrari 308 was one of the trademarks. The starting price is €50,000.

Among the classic race cars is the legendary Renault Alpine A110 from 1970. It comes with bucket seats, chest belts, a Retro Trip odometer and decoration stop watches and was used in rallying after the first delivery. In 1994 the car was completely restored to its original condition. This Renault Alpine will be offered with a starting price of €40,000.

Other race cars such as an Alfa Romeo 1750 GTAm from 1976 and an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTV from 1971 will be auctioned. Both cars have got a FIA car pass and are suitable for the use in vintage car rallies. Younger models of classic racing will also be auctioned. Among them is a Lancia Delta HF Integrale from 1987 with 360 HP, which is one of the most popular young timer racing cars in this auction. It comes with a starting price of €40,000.

Auctionata also offers classic cars with Hollywood flair: Cars like the Stutz Blackhawk have always been very popular among celebrities, such as Dean Martin, Elton John or Al Pacino. The model which will be auctioned at Auctionata is from 1974 and was originally delivered in white color. It was changed to black by a passionate Elvis Presley fan, because Elvis also used to own a black Blackhawk. The model in the auction will be offered with the starting price of €40,000.

Moreover, successful buyers will get an all-risks insurance for their vehicle. This car is insured through Auctionata AG and its insurance partner BELMOT for up to six weeks after the auction with a convenient all risks insurance that covers cases such as engine and/or transmission failure or accidental damages.

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