Barkhan and Bulat, Off-road vehicles by Retro-Style

Retro-Style, a design studio in Kyrgyzstan built two interesting prototypes in the 2000s, the Hummer-like Barkhan and the unique Bulat – both based on the GAZ-66 military truck

The Barkhan prototype was conceived in 2002. Many components were taken from the GAZ-66, while the body resembled that of a Hummer. The car was shown at the Moscow International Motor Show in 2003. Though it was widely featured in Russian and international media, a planned small series never materialized.






The project was on hold after an exhibition in Moscow, but in 2007 the former team decided to continue with this idea and they started working on project “Bulat”.


This car had two body styles – a pickup and station wagon. The “Universal” was very spacious, it could carry up to 12 people (passenger version), while in the pickup truck seven people could fit it, and had the opportunity to carry up to 700 kg of cargo. as well. Bulat was also based on the GAZ-66, but had a Mercedes truck gearbox and disc brakes all around. It was also equipped with air-con and a winch. The Bulat also remained a project-vehicle only.





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