Book review: Yunost – bus for the elected

Dmitry Dashko’s book covers a very interesting Soviet-made vehicle. Even if you don’t speak Russian, the book worth its while, just because the sheer number of illustrations

For those, who don’t live in Russia, Andy Thompson’s excellent Cars of the Soviet Union provided a very good and thorough overview of the Soviet automobile industry. But for those who are interested in much more detailed story, publications by the Russian Automobile Archival Fund are highly recommended. Dmitry Dashko and his friends amassed a very interesting collection of photos, drawings, archival materials and more. He once wrote a very highly detailed analysis of the post-war Moskwitch 400, describing how it was developed on the basis of the Opel Kadett.

Books on individual car models are rampant in the Western world. It was very brave of Dmitriy to compile a book on an exotic subject, like the Yunost minibus. This was built by the ZIL factory on the basis of the ZIL representative passenger car.
It was very advanced: a monocoque construction, based on a passenger car. The same formula was later applied on cars, like the Chrysler Town&Country, Renault Espace etc.

Production lasted between 1962-1991 and there were less than 100 units built in 9 (!) different variants. This must be a new record.

The 240-page book painstakingly traces the history of the car with stories on its designers, the design process and description of its model variants. Chapter 2 is a Yunost registry by chassis number. Again the attention to detail is fantastic.

Though only available in Russian, this book is highly recommended for lovers of Soviet cars and general automotive history as well.

You can buy the book in our webshop, where more excerpts are featured as well

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