Central and East European Classic Car Events Calendar 2019 – A Preview

The 2019 season is still a few months away, but we would like to show you some of the great events taking place in the CEE region.

The 2019 season is still a few months away – even our 2019 events’ calendar is at least a month away -, but we would like to show you some of the great events which will take place in the CEE region with the help of our editor, Pál Négyesi.

13th Meeting of Auto Historians

Where: Beograd, Serbia
When: 13 April, 2019
Website: www.facebook.com/Udru%C5%BEenje-istori%C4%8Dara-automobilizma-100894953665801/

Sorry, but the original name, “Udruženje istoričara automobilizma” just doesn’t come to me easily. I love this event, which brings together motoring historians from the Balkan region (Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania etc.). Presentations are kept short, there is an accompanying festival of classic cars and motorcycles and everybody is very friendly.

6th Balatonfüred Concours d’Elegance

Where: Balatonfüred, Hungary
When: 3-5 May, 2019
Website: balatonfuredconcours.eu

Okay, we admit: we have a strong bias here as this classic car meeting is partly being organised by us. Every year 50 classic cars from Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria and Romania converge at Lake Balaton. Great atmosphere, nice cars, the lake – what more can you ask for?

Concours d’Elegance Loučeň

This event has been cancelled!

Piešťanské Zlaté Stuhy

Where: Piešťany, Slovak Republic
When: 6-9 June, 2019
Website: piestnskezlatestuhy.sk

Piešťany is a spa resort in Slovakia, so it is ideally suited to host a Concours d’Elegance. Both Czech and Slovak collectors bring along magnificent cars. This is a marathon – it is not just a weekend, but a full-on 5-day-long series of events. But the quality of cars definitely makes this a highlight of the season.

Concursul de Eleganta Sinaia

Where: Sinaia, Romania
When: 29 June, 2019

Breathtaking scenery, friendly organisers, a chance for a very relaxing weekend – this is the Sinaia Concours. Where else you can see a meticulously restored 1970 Dacia together with a 1937 Mercedes luxury car? And there are some surprises every year! And they would love to invite more participants from Hungary, Austria etc. We can help you with arrangements!

MotoClassic Wrocław

Where: Wrocław, Poland
When: 17-18 August, 2019
Website: www.motoclassicwroclaw.pl

Our good friend, Helge Hauk from the Austrian Bugatti Club goes there every year and comes back with a wide smile on his face. So this is a friendly, international meeting with very nice cars – including old Polish cars!


52nd Zbraslav – Jíloviště Hill Climb

Where: Zbraslav (Prague), Czech Republic
When: 7-8 September, 2019
Website: zbraslav-jiloviste.cz/

This is one of the best classic car racing event in the region. It was first hosted in 1908! After the 2nd World War it was resurrected in 1962, and the Veteran Car Club Praha took over in 1967. The smells, the sounds and the cars – it’s like the Czech Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb.


Concours d’Elegance Drustar

Where: Balchik, Bulgaria
When: 13-15 September, 2019
Website: concoursdelegancedrustar.com/

Held at the BlackSeaRama Golf&Villas, this Bulgarian Concours is fairly new – it was first held in 2016. It features both cars and motorcycles. It has all the ingredients of a nice event: friendly organisers, professional jury, beautiful scenery and an interesting mix of vehicles. Is there a better way to end the season?

Make sure to come back as we are just preparing the 2019 Calendar of Events!

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