CWS T-1 – recreation of a Polish legend

CWS was a Polish touring car made in the 1920s. There are no surviving cars (at least not one has been found so far) so a bunch of local motoring enthusiasts decided to build a replica. And they succeeded!

CWS, the Central Automobile Workshop, which was created by the Polish Military of War Affairs to repair military vehicles in 1918 comissioned Tadeusz Tański to design a touring car in 1922. Tański an engineer who spent time at Renault created a traditional model, which became known as the T-1. “In 1926, the first prototype of the „CWS-T1“ vehicle was created, and approximately two years later, the serial production of this vehicle has begun. Before 1931, approximately 800 pieces were sold”. When the Polish government struck a deal with Fiat in the early 1930s, production of the CWS T-1 stopped.

After realising that there are no surviving car, Jaroslaw Sliwinski, a local enthusiast set out to create a replica in 2011. It took him three years and about 2000 hours of work to build this replica. He found a lot of original drawings and photos, courtesy of Jan Tarczyński, a motoring writer and director of a local motoring library.

As Sliwinski said he tried to replicate the car as much as possible, but there’s an MP3 player hidden under the seat 🙂

The finished car was shown last week at the Saska Kępa festival in Warsaw.

Apparently this is not the first time someone builds a CWS replica. Ludwik Rozniakowski also created one in 2013, though it has not as close to the original as Sliwinski’s work.

Couple of interesting links:
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