Emil Bojda’s Súľov Microcar Is Shining Again In a Museum.

A few years ago, we already introduced you the life and works of Mr Emil Bojda. Recently his microcar, called Súľov has been resurrected which is the perfect opportunity to provide you an update.

There are lots of information available on Bojda’s motorcycle, but his microcar is a different matter (it was believed to have vanished in Poland, but now it seems it was never completed).

As you already know the car was designed by Emil Bojda, co-owner of a new factory in Hrabová near Bytča, which was established in 1947 and was named Súľov after the nearby Súľov Rocks. However, the private company was soon nationalized, the owners were imprisoned and the car was never completed.

In 2019 the idea arose to recall the moving story of Mr Emil Bojda and make a model of the Súľov car. The idea came from Jozef Janiš, while Zdeněk Kříž built the model and the project was coordinated by Mgr. Peter Šimko, PhD, a transport historian from the Museum of Považie.

The Súľov Team, which included Mgr. Peter Šimko, PhD. , Zdeněk Kříž and his wife, Josef Bojda, – the son of Mr Bojda – and his family, Mr Janiš, JUDr. Hrabovská and the granddaughter of Jozef Hrabovský.

The microcar and the motorcycle can be both seen in the Transport Museum Rajecké Teplice

We want to Sincerely thank Mgr. Peter Šimko, PhD for the story and the photos provided.

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