Is that a Dacia?

Rudimentary factory – check. Renault inspired shape – check. But something is very off about this picture…

Just look at the wall, there is a revealing sign, a Chinese logo. This picture was taken in China, where the Xingtai 114 Automobile Factory in Yuliu Village, Xingtai City, Hebei Province “assembled the Dacia pickup” in the 1980s an 1990s according to a Chinese language overview of the history of the company.

A Xingtai – Dacia pickup somewhere in China

China car history has also covered the story of Xingtai. They featured the XTQ1020, which was ” was a pickup truck with a GVM of 2 tons. Nothing much else to say about it except………. is it a Dacia? Yes and no”. The XTQ1020 was a four-door pickup, long before Dacia produced such variant. However it is apparent from the picture taken in the factory that they primarily produced an estate (van) version, based on the Dacia 1310. It seems the company also produced the two-door pickup and then made a mash-up of the estate and the pickup.

The factory is no longer around, but a couple of pickups survived in China.

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