Jiří “Kladivko” Rožnovský’s artistic sculptures of classic cars

A little sneak-peak into the workshop of Mr. Jiří “Kladivko” Rožnovský (Kladivko = Hammer)

In these hard times as events are being cancelled and many people must stay home, we are trying to keep you posted with curiosities and great stories.

We would like to introduce you to Jiří “Kladivko” Rožnovský, a metal sculptor focusing on models of classic motorcycles and cars. What started in his young age as a hobby, it has been turned into a full-time business in 2004. Now he is sending sculpts of bikes and cars to the whole world.

He was also asked to make prizes for classic car events, such as the Bugatti World meeting in 2010, a Car Show in Salzburg, where every participant received a scale model of his presented car – totalling 55 pieces! And of course Czech events like GP in Brno 2015, 1000 Czechoslovakian miles, Brno-Soběšice, Olomouc circuit, Telč etc.

When working with raw material – steel sheet, he is using traditional manual processing. This procedure guarantees the originality of each individual piece. The model is also treated against oxidation. The detail of the surface of the sculpture is an expression of originality and deliberately features a certain “rawness”.

Models and sculptures from his workshop are not only original gifts or collectors’ pieces, but they can also be used as: prizes for competitions, souvenirs, interior accessories or decoration of a showroom.

Present for Miroslav Zikmund for his 100 year birthday celebration.

You can find his official Facebook page here: Official Facebook

A sculpture of a motorcycle starts from around EUR 50. For a car, it can be as low as EUR 100 – depending on the details.

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