K&K Bugatti Register

Among a lot of registry books, published by national Bugatti Clubs a big white area has been closed: The K&K Bugatti Register covers all regions of the former K&K Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, that means a major part of what today is called Central Europe.

(Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina). We have traced and researched – as far as it was still possible now – all classic Bugattis until today (more than 300 cars!). The first Bugattis came into the country, when Austria still was an empire, and also all racing pilots as well as owners of the Bugattis up to the 1950ies or 1960s were children of the Monarchy.
10 authors, 1040 pages, 4.64 kg, two volumes, hard-cover with slipcase – 500 numbered copies have been printed. Each chapter is in the native language of the region and in English. There are a lot of never before published photos and documents of private sources.
Price is EUR 200 plus p&p (EUR 20 to EU countries or EUR 40 outside the EU, plus USA, AUS and Japan. For other countries please ask)
You can order your copy here: http://www.bugatti-club-austria.at/B_Buch/formular1a.pdf

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