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It’s time again to look at some of the books, which have recently been published (or soon to be published) and cover Central and Eastern Europe.

Českoslovenští karosáři 1

I always admired the Muzeum českého karosářství (Museum of Czech Coachbuilders) in Vysoke Myto as it pays tribute to the local coachbuilding industry. Apart from well-known names, coachbuilders are a bit neglected so the fact that there’s a whole museum devoted to them speaks for itself. As Vysoke Myto was once home to Sodomka, it’s somehow logical that the museum is here (right across the regional museum which also has a Sodomka room).

The new book series, which deals with Czech coachbuilders is co-authored by the museum’s curator, Martin Štěpán. It lists companies from the Pardubice region on 208 pages. This is a hard-cover book printed on high-quality paper. It would have been nice to put an English-language summary at the end, but that’s my only complaint.

Published by the Regional Museum in Vysoke Myto

ISBN: 978-80-907260-1-7

Tatra 603 – I am a Woman

Czech collectors, Roman Grmela and Petr Mládek pay tribute to the “Tatra 603, a legendary aerodynamic beauty from Kopřivnice”. The main character itself, the iconic “Šestettrojka” in the main role, would tell you her life story as a beautiful woman on 384 pages. With preface by legendary Jacky Ickx.

Authors: Roman Grmela & Petr Mládek
Book binding: Hardback
Number of pages: 384
Number of pictures: 354
Size (mm): 255 x 295
Publishing: Heritage & Zoom, 11/2020, Czech republic
Edition: 1.
Weight (g): 2500
Final price: 65 EUR

Polskie Kabriolety na przestrzeni XX wieku

Piotr Pluskowski, an eminent Polish historian recently joined us as a contributor. His latest book is a very limited edition volume as only 60 copies are printed! As its title suggests it chronicles all the open-top vehicles which were produced in Poland, whether it is a passenger car, a racing car, a golf cart, a bus or a truck. There are several one-off prototypes included. Price is around EUR 11. If you are interested, we can arrange a copy for you

Publisher: Przedsiębiorstwo Poligraficzne Modena sp. z o.o.
ISBN: 978-83-946332-4-0

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