Oldtimer Show to be held in Budapest between 7-9 April

The Oldtimer Show Company returns with a brand new exhibition material in 2017. Many, more than 100 years old of antique cars and motorcycles, never seen oldtimer cars, motorcycles and tractors, old and new collectors, restorers, freshly completed their latest works.

Come in and check out in Central and Eastern Europe’s largest Oldtimer Festival! On the 10-acre exhibition area 500 pieces veteran vehicle presentation will take place. The 500 vehicle does not seem a lot, but do consider, that 500 different vehicle type from 120 years to 20 years. The following types of vehicles will be on display: antique cars, classic cars, youngtimer cars, US cars, antique cars, engines, COMECON oldtimer engines, tractors, stable engines, buses, lorries, military vehicles, steam locomotives and rail cars. Even your vehicle can be included among to the vehicles to be exhibited. We are waiting for the foreign collectors and classic clubs application as well.

Apply by e-mail. Enter please the following specifications: name, contact information and photo about the vehicles, which you wish to exhibit. The organizer provides accommodation free of charge for foreign exhibitors nearby the Railway museum. We are waiting not just the application of private collectors and clubs. Companies are most welcome which activity is dealing with restoration on business, or trade veteran vehicles. For these participants we offer an exhibition area (stand), at a very reasonable price, where can be freely carried out promotional activities and talk to the visitors. For the hired stands, the organizer undertake to provide a reception area furnished with antique furniture. With the foreigners, will be in touch with our colleagues, with a knowledge of foreign languages.

The Oldtimer Show lasts 3 days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We start the installation of the exhibition halls on 4th of April. When someone wants to build a major installation can start on Tuesday as well. The exhibition area is the Hungarian Railway Museum, where security conditions are very good. The Park has its own security system (guard, dogs, camera surveillance system). In addition, the organizer has a separate security service, with 24-hour attendance. There are large parking lots, for the visiting the cars and the buses. There is a separate parking area for the exhibitors: P2. The accommodation is in the Premium apartment house, which is only 900 meters away from the Hungarian Railway museum. During the Oldtimer Show, in full opening hours, 2 Festival buses will operate between The Railway Museum and the Western Railway station. The private collectors, and oldtimer vehicle clubs, which participate with vehicles, do not have to be present on the site all the time guard their vehicle.

The organizer is doing the surveillance of the vehicles. The exhibition sections are separated with concrete buoy and rope cordons. Within these the visitors can’t enter. To keep these rules, there are security guards and hostess ladies dressed in colorful costumes and period. Feel free to visit with the Festival bus the city, check out the sights of Budapest: Parliament, Buda Castle, Citadel, Cathedral, Heroes ‘ square, etc.

For the area of the event the visitors can get in through 4 entrances. Map of the area of the event can be found at the entrances and on the www.oldtimershow.hu website. Each entrance there is a ticket office and credit card terminal. The exhibitors will receive a wristband, with which visitors are free to move in and out during the three days. The exhibited vehicles will participate a beauty contest as well. The jury will award a total of 35 pieces Prize for the most beautiful vehicles in various categories. The participating vehicles will receive a free gift, a plaque made of bronze, issued by Oldtimer Show. At the Water Tower Park area will take place a Meeting, where vintage cars vintage vehicles can come and park there. The meeting is only for quality classic vehicles.

The Oldtimer Show welcomes not only the professionals, but also the private visitors, especially the families. The 10-hectare area will have plenty of additional programs. Adventure Goers, Tuning car, military vehicle demonstrations, tractor and stable engine startups, petting zoo , Csabai folk House, children’s playground, craftsmen, etc… At the Gastronomic Street sausages, cheeses, craft beers, wines and schnapps can be tasted and bought. In addition, sorted goods of tradition keeper producers will be found on the “Arts and Crafts Street” and “Fairground”. The event will be managed by professional catering establishments, where the foreign guests can taste the traditional Hungarian flavours. At the exhibition area there are in several locations a cultured toilet-sink units, which can be used free of charge. Parking is also free of charge. For visitors from abroad, we are also able to offer discounted accommodation at the Premium Apartment House, with 900 meters distance from The Railway Museum. Reservation can be placed on www.oldtimershow.hu site, starting the reservation from the site, you will get the discounted prices.

source: oldtimershow

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