Röck – An Early Automobile Manufacturer in Hungary

The István Röck Machine, Boiler Factory and Foundry was an early supporter of the nascent Hungarian auto industry

The Röck family first offered scieves and scythes at the beginning of the 19th century. The company slowly and steadily expanded and by the end of the century it became one of the best-known industrial companies in Hungary.

It is not known how István Röck jr. got in contact with János Csonka, the Hungarian engineer who designed motorised tricycles and then a van for the Hungarian post .

Between 1905 1912 the Röck company built several postal vans and coaches for the Hungarian post.

A group of postal vans, buses and small cars designed by János Csonka and built by the Röck company between 1910-1912 (source: Hungarian Postal Museum)

Röck gathered considerable experience with these vehicles. Their next project was to set up a proper assembly line for passenger cars, based on a licence from the German Lloyd company. As early as 1909 a Lloyd-based Röck participated in the 1909 Prinz Heinrich Tour and the last recorded car was delivered in 1913.

(Hungarian Museum of Technology and Transport)

Altogether 5 passenger cars and 41 commercial vehicles were produced over a period of 8 years.

This 16 hp postal van-coach combination was delivered in 1910 (Hungarian Postal Museum)

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