Škoda 966 Supersport – Legendary Sportscar Rescued

The Škoda 966 Supersport came alive under the hands of skilful mechanics from ŠKODA AUTO. Today it is one of the main attractions of the factory museum in Mladá Boleslav.

Škoda 966 Supersport

The very active postwar racing scene in the late 1940s in Czechoslovakia prompted Tatra, Škoda and Aero Minor to work on racing specials. Aero Minor attended the 1949 LeMans race with a two-seater special. Back at home Tatra built the T602 Tatraplan Sport. There were also plenty of private entrants, like Július Kubinsky.

In 1950 Škoda officially joined the fray with the Sport, then came the Sport II and then subsequently the Supersport, code named 966. The company built three different versions. The last one survived and has been restored to its former glory.

Škoda 966 Supersport

Success at the beginning

On 24 September 1950, the Czechoslovak Grand Prix was held in Mladá Boleslav, which saw the appearance of the Supersport, driven by Miroslav Fousek. He finished in second place in the sub-1100 cc category. Next year, a Supersport won a race in Liberec. The first one was shortly crashed. Jaroslav Netušil and Václav Bobek drove the remaining two units. 

Škoda 966 Supersport Interior

Development on the go

Škoda improved its racing cars. The first one was fitted with a 1089 cc Škoda Tudor unit. Over time it was fitted with an aluminium cylinder head, and then a pair of carburettors was complemented by one and later even two superchargers. For the pursuit of power, the original unit was redesigned, and the engineers increased the displacement to 1,221 cm3. But even that did not calm the desire for victories, which demanded more and more performance. So prototypes with a capacity of 1,500 cm3 were developed, equipped with four carburetors. Such an engine reached 66 kW (90 hp). When equipped with a supercharger, the power curve climbed to an astonishing 132 kW (180 hp). In this way, the Škoda 966 Supersport was able to attack the magical 200 km/h speed limit. The last modification to Supersport took place in 1954 when they began to work on its successor at Škoda.

Škoda 966 Supersport

The last remaining

To this day only one legendary Škoda 966 Supersport has been preserved – the third one, which was raced until 1962. Then its place was taken by the Škoda 1100 OHC.

This particular unit was obtained by Ivan Mičík, a Slovak racing driver . The Factory Museum acquired it in 2007. During its restoration, restoration experts tried to save as many original parts as possible. They managed to restore the vehicle back into its 1953 configuration.

Škoda 966 Supersport

Many thanks to our partners from VeteranSK and SKODA AUTO for the information and photos.

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