Tatra 603X Concept To Become Reality After 55 years!

The Slovak Museum of Design is working on making Jan Cina’s 1963 Tatra concept a reality!

Slovakia is rightly described as an automotive power when talking about assembly of cars. But the problem arises when we start looking for the real Slovak car.

None of the four car makers have a development centre in Slovakia, so the new models originate from the manufacturers abroad and are only produced and assembled in Slovakia.

Nevertheless, there are some projects in the history of Slovak automobile industry that originates at home. Since the initial development phase, they have never been successful in serial production and have mostly ended up as prototypes in a museum or only exist as blueprints. However, one of these forgotten projects has now been given a chance and is once again coming to life.

It is the elegant coupé Tatra 603X, which was planned by Ján Cina in 1963, who worked for the Bratislava plant of the Czechoslovak Tatra company. Loads of sketches and concepts were made but at the end Tatra went with the Italian Vignale body-builder company what later become the well known Tatra 613. Later Cina emigrated to Canada and the development of Tatra cars in Bratislava were completely abandoned.

Thanks to the team around Maroš Schmidt of the Slovak Museum of Design and Financial Support of J&T Bank, the dream of the Slovak coupe starts again after 55 years. The development process is the same as when creating modern cars. At the beginning of the year, based on blueprints and technical drawings, Tomáš Malý made a 3D computer model at a 1:1 scale.

By the time the next stage is in the form of a detailed model at a scale of 1:4, we have seen the car unconventionally in the J&T Bank area as a virtual reality. The now almost 80-year-old Ján Cina himself has been invited and had a chance to look at the VR model of the Tatra 603X Coupé.

Main Director of J&T Bank Macalková said: “The project is unique in that it completes Mr. Cina’s design dream, which began to be written more than half a century ago, and we are delighted to realize that the young and talented designers we can support,”.

According to the Slovak Museum of Design the aim of the whole project is to build a functional car that would represent the thrilling path of automotive design in Slovakia.

In addition to the car itself, a documentary film and a book on the development of Bratislava Tatra’s will also be produced, together with a 1:43 limited-edition scale model.



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