The Last Pre-War Car From Sodomka

Though it has been mistakenly referred to as presidential car, this imposing six-seater Maybach from 1941 was the last automobile made by the Sodomka coachbuilder company in  Vysoké Mýto before war activities took over.

Though historical articles and many websites talk about this car as one which was ordered by  Josef Tiso, then president of Slovakia, but factory records paint a different picture: “It was said for long time, but we have found that literally it was not so. The limousine was for the Slovak state, but it was ordered by Július Stan, the Minister of Transport and Public Works ” claims Jiří Junek, director of the Regional Museum in Vysoké Mýto .

The last car build in Vysoké Mýto during World War II was the Maybach limousine. It was supplied to Ing. Julius Stan, Minister of Transport and Public Works of the Slovak State and was built in 1941.

The Maybach SW42 was produced between 1939-1941. 133 units were put together. It was powered by a 6-cylinder, 4,2-litre engine, capable of 140-hp.

Sodomka produced ambulance and workshop cars for the Wehrmacht during the Protectorate. “Fortunately, they weren’t products that were directly involved in killing people,” the museum director points out.

A Sodomka-bodied Aero. Its sibling is in the Regional Museum today.

What happened to the Maybach? According to a Facebook comment, it was hidden in a barn, where it was found by the Red Army. Apparently the Soviets blew its engine and left the car abandoned.

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