The Veřmiřovský Motorcycle Collection

Our friend Jiří Veřmiřovský has a great collection of Czechoslovak motorcycles, which we are happy to show you here. These bikes were not very expensive at that time, but it was every teenagers’ dream to have one.

Jiří met his first motorcycle, a Stadion S11 when he was only 12 years old. Unfortunately his first ride wasn’t too long as he ended up in the nearest small river. Luckily his Dad took it to his garage and hid it from the family. This is how a life-long love affair with Czechoslovak motorcycles started.

We met him for the first time at our Concours d’Elegance event in the Hungarian city of Balatonfüred, where he participated with his family. We alread covered his 14 years long restoration of a Tatra 54:

JAWA 550:

He did most of the restoration work during the pandemic, so maybe there is something good came from a bad situation.

JAWA 555:

Veřmiřovský always dreamt of a Jawa with a bigger engine. Once he ordered a Jawa 350/9 but at the last minute his order fell through – it seems the bike was exported to the Middle East instead.



JAWA Mustang:

Pionyr 20/21:

Stadion S11:

He renovated bot Stadion S11 and S22 by himself, also as all the other motorcycles in the photo gallery.

Stadion S22:

These motorbikes have never been either expensive or specially unique. In fact, they were quite common back then, and nowadays serve to keep the nostalgia alive.

Many thanks to our close friend Jiří Veřmiřovský and his family for the photos of his collection. So far he filled up three garages and probably he will soon need another one.

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