Ex-Yanukovych collection is now a museum in Ukraine

There are not a lot of motoring museums in Ukraine. Now the garage of Viktor Yanukovych’s Mezhyhirya Residence has been turned into a car museum.

In February this year Viktor Yanukovych, President of Ukraine fled the country. His mansion in Mezhyhirya, about 20 km from Kyev was immediately turned upside down by protesters. But looting was limited.

Yanukovych, who was trained as an automobile mechanic engineer. Over the years he amassed a collection of over 70 cars and motorcycles. Miraculously his collection remained largely intact. The most valuable car, a cca 1938 Horch 855 is missing though – probably it was evicted by Yanukovych himself.

AutoConsulting, a Ukrainian consulting agency managed to pay a visit to the collection and as it turns out it is open to the public. Entry is 30 hryvna (about EUR 1.6). You need to speak Ukrainian though to get an appointment from Denis Tarahkotelik, the Guard of Mezhyhirya.

Based on photos taken at the museum, the collection mostly consists Soviet-made cars, like ZIS, several generations of ZIL, Tschaika, Pobjeda and Volga. Photos also show a Merc SLS and a G-class. Additionally there are Soviet military vehicles as well and a couple of motorcycles.

You can see a video here:
and a photo report here:

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